Where cycling is more than a sport where cycling is more like a philosophy:That's Italy! So if you are a keen cyclist you are interested in going on a trip oversees. Take a minute and have a look at what we have to offer:

As time is so precious these days the concept is to show you as much as possible within seven days.
Everything is taken care of, there are high end racing bikes, fantastically planned tours
and fabulous tasting Italian food


In order to cover a greater area the overnight stays will be at three different locations. Besides of a lot more service the emphasis is on serious biking. Even though the level is individually plannable we normally go for rides in between 50 to 75 miles (but can be adjusted either way). A service car is at all times with you so taking a little break is no problem. You will experience cycling in a landscape whose beauty is hard to describe and along cities whose history is overwhelming.We combine serious exercise with a perfect vacation.There will be time for scenic sights or for having a cappuccino on a historic marketplace in the sun. The group size is limited to 10 people allowing us to give you maximum attention on and off the bike. I'd be more than happy to give you more information ether by phone or byE-mail: info@classic-cycle-tours.com

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